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by Divisionists

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Say Can You 03:07
I was searching for something I was searching for something I can't say I was living for nothing I was living for nothing when you say Can you see through me? Can you care for me? Today? There was always something There was always something in the way I was getting nowhere I was going nowhere when you say Can you see through me? Can you care for me? Today? I was searching for something I was searching for something I can't say I was living for nothing I was living for nothing when you say Can you see through me? Can you care for me? Today?
Behind your eyes I see a fraction Of the grace I get from you Behind your eyes I see a fraction Of the grace I get from living through Your eyes And I know It's just a question of whether The light of the stars is true And I know It's just a question of whether The shine of the moon Can cloud your view And just for a while It all just fades away In your smile Behind your eyes... I see You
Alone 03:33
Isolation took me By surprise I hadn't figured out That you Were telling lies You Always said that I Would never make it alone Never make it alone Tears in the back seat Of a taxi In a land Where I don't speak the language And I don't know where to stand And you Always said that I Would never make it alone Never make it alone We tell ourselves that we will Someday understand Why nothing ever Seems to Work out Like we plan And you Ought to know that I I will make it alone
I can only get there in my sleep Where the people always live in peace Everything is perfect in my dreams But every time I wake up Well it seems so far away
I see it on the t.v. People in the streets The leaders are all hiding While the people speak their peace Now the tanks are rolling Helicopters too I don't know what to believe I don't know about you When the night is over Which one are you? Occupying spaces? Or calling in the boys in blue?
Sometimes I feel so happy Sometimes I feel so sad Sometimes I feel so happy But mostly you just make me mad Baby you just make me mad Linger on Your pale blue eyes Thought of you as my mountaintop Thought of you as my keep Thought of you as everything I'd had but couldn't keep I'd had but couldn't keep Linger on Your pale blue eyes If I could make the world as pure And strange as what I see I'd put you in the mirror I put in front of me I put in front of me Linger on Your pale blue eyes Skip a life completely Stick it in a cup She said: "Money is like us and time It lies but can't stand up Down for you is up" Linger on Your pale blue eyes It was good what we did yesterday And I'd do it once again The fact that you are married Only proves you're my best friend But it's truly, truly a sin Linger on Your pale blue eyes
Take a picture for your friends They like to see where you have been Take another look around (and around and around and around) At the coloured lights And the groovy sound And if the pictures aren't quite right Must be a figment of the light Can't hold The colours That were in your mind Light another cigarette (Blow the smoke rings out around your head) You're going to quit but not quite yet (Maybe tomorrow) Strike up a conversation or two (Or three or four or five or more) Try to catch a point of view (ooh ooh ooh) And if the words don't come out right Must be an echo in the night Can't hold The colours That were in your mind Take a picture for your friends (Do you feel alright?) So they can like who you have been (Do you feel alright?) Take a final look around (Do you feel alright?) Then fall weightless to the ground (ah ah ah) And if you find you're not quite right Must be a shadow in the light Can't hold The colours That were in your mind
Little Margaret sitting in her high hall door Combing her long yellow hair She saw Sweet William, and his new made bride Riding from the church so near And she's thrown down her ivory comb She's thrown back her long yellow hair She said I'll go down and bid him farewell And never more go there Night coming in, and day being gone When most men were asleep Little Margaret appeared all dressed in white Standing at their bedfeet Saying, "How do you like your pillow?" She said, "How do you like your sheets? And how do you like the fair young lady Lying in your arms fast asleep?" Such dreams, such dreams I do not like Such dreams, they are no good I dreamed my floor was covered in gore And my true love was swimming in blood And he's gone out to the stables And saddled up the dappled roan And rode all day to Little Margaret's house He rode to her house alone Is Little Margaret in her room? Or is she in the hall? No, Little Margaret's in her cold black coffin With her pale face turned to the wall It's once he's kissed her lily-white hand Twice he's kissed her cheek Three times he's kissed her cold corpse lips And fell in her arms fast asleep
A night in early November The devil is hid in a kiss Though you may think that you're clever You've never seen her like this Oh, in the morning This will all seem a dream But until then, my darling Is forever, or so it would seem A flash of light in a mirror A sliver of moon in the sky You equally want her and fear her When she's got that look in her eye Oh, by the morning This will all seem a dream But until then, my darling Is forever, or so it would seem That night in early November The devil was hid in her kiss Though I tried to be clever Now I'm here dealing with this And oh, by the morning It did all, seem a dream And since then, my darling Is forever, or so it would seem
You can see them Dancing On the winter wind Needle-nosed angels Full of death and sin Guided By a distant faceless hand That answers Only to The voice within So we pray, pray, pray 'Cause we all fall down We all fall down It's the static on the line In a conversation The lens that films Our every waking hour It's the tension Underlying The situation Resistance Underneath The boot of power So we pray, pray, pray 'Cause we all fall down We all fall down Omnipresent Anonymous Lord Have mercy On us subjects here below The machine That runs our lives Is out of joint And it's left us With no other Place to go So we pray, pray, pray Because we all fall down We all fall down
Freedom 03:01
a broken sky over empty streets on an august afternoon having breakfast in a cold cafe i've searched on land and on the sea and i've found nothing left to lose you've taken everything from me i'm free slip away in a sunset fog; turn my collar to the night disorderly on a cold canal i've searched on land and on the sea and i've found nothing left to lose you've taken everything from me i'm free settle down in a painted room with sunlight shattered rays looking for a place to hang my hat i've searched on land and on the sea and i've found nothing left to lose you've taken everything from me i'm free
In the morning Take a carriage To an airport To a plane To a country Full of people Who work nine to five And never show their pain And we Fellow travellers Must be careful Not to get caught up too much In the things that they say When they're in their cups For the first punch Means we'll all end up in cuffs So take care In what you say And what you touch In the evening When the sun fades And we're not sure that the dawn Will ever come In the darkness There's a cold light That reflects A wounded king upon his throne And we Facing shadows Must be careful Not to forget what is real For they say a pure heart's Mightier than steel But that doesn't make it Easier to feel So remember What to show And to conceal Floating on The midnight river And reflecting On the passage of the days Which seem to bleed Into one another Like a watercolour sunset On a page And we Paddling upstream Must be careful Not to lose sight of our goal Though we might be feeling Weary in the soul And our leaden arms Can't take another row Because backwards Is nowhere We want to go


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Here's what our REVIEWERS are saying:

SHINDIG! MAGAZINE: "First single 'Say Can You' is an impressive blast of psyched-up power-pop - could easily be a Bandwagonesque out-take... 'We Must Be Careful' makes good use of that Sugar/Matthew Sweet tactic of combining melody with distortion and feedback. Nice." (page 83, issue #72)

FRED BLURT'S 4-STAR REVIEW IN BLURT MAGAZINE: "A near-perfect blast of visceral psychedelia and blissed-out power pop that yields earworm after earworm... not only builds upon [Abunai!'s] psychedelic legacy, it definitively merges psych with power pop and shoegaze for one of the freshest-yet-familiar albums of 2017 to date... ['Say Can You' is] a hi-nrg blast of chiming, fuzzed-out guitars and soaring, ecstatic vocals, it conjured classic images of everyone from Teenage Fanclub, Ride, and Matthew Sweet, to Byrds, Crazy Horse, and Velvet Underground... ’Dream Landscape' [is] a moodier, drifting/droning ballad that adds Big Star to the pop rogues list... check the gospellish vocals and rippling guitars of 'Alone' or a luminous cover of the Velvets’ 'Pale Blue Eyes’’... Flip the record and the delights keep coming, from the warm, womblike sonic cocoon that is 'Colors (Song For a Spaceman)'—for you influences trainspotters, listen for the modal, almost Quicksilver Messenger Service-like fretwork—to the straight-up jangle pop of 'Little Margaret' to the dark, explosive, feedback-laden, space-rocking 'We Must Be Careful', which, at seven minutes, has ample time to ebb and explode in a prismic burst of dynamics, tones, and textures.... All in all, a remarkable record that repays successive listens with earworm after earworm. All those above comparisons to icons? Believe it."

PROG ROCK MAGAZINE: "Opener 'Success' instantly brings to mind The Beatles, but [Rob] McGregor's drumming and backing vocals push it into The Who's early territory, being three minutes of forceful pop. Lilting guitar work from Mark Bennett introduces 'Fraction of Grace', a subtly psychedelic number resembling an uptempo Galaxie 500..." (review of live show at The Betsey Trotwood)

TERRASCOPE ONLINE: "If ‘The First Casualty’ is an... arcane invocation to channel the spirit of Neil Young circa ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ then it works an absolute treat as Divisionists rock like a Crazy Horse... ‘Colours (Song For A Spaceman)’ is a shimmering slither of strung-out summer psych while the sprightly ‘Little Margaret’ has that jaunty edge that will whisper come hither to fans of The Lemonheads via The Byrds and Tom Petty. The archetypal folk ballad ‘Moonlight Devil’ is timeless both in its concoction and myriad reference points. ‘We Must Be Careful’ provides the cautionary coda and bears further association with the Frond, expansive guitar over a measured, ruminative rhythm."

OVERBLOWN MAGAZINE: "Calling to mind the guitar pop of the early 90’s that seemed to stand alone in the face of the morose and po faced grunge, Divisionists are continuing a lineage that includes the harmony heavy work of R.E.M. and the sweet melodies of Evan Dando’s Lemonheads... Holding a touch of Neil Young’s incendiary Ragged Glory-era fire..." (album premiere)

IF IT'S TOO LOUD: "London's Divisionists have one of the catchiest songs I've heard all year. 'Say Can You' is a huge 90s throwback, in the best possible way. It's like a forgotten mid-90s power pop gem, like a cross between Polaris and Matthew Sweet. The verses and choruses are catchy enough to make this song good, but it's the guitar solos that come in like a second vocalist and truly steal the show. The guitar is just this perfect swirling persona that comes in and then fades away. Each time it returns, it's even fuzzier and more riveting than the last. 'Say Can You' is a must listen."

PRIMAL MUSIC BLOG: "'Dream Landscape’ swirls into the ether on resonating guitar frequencies that rise and fall blissfully through beautifully astute progressions laced in glorious reverberation. Cascading bass lines straddle steadying percussion as undulating lead licks whip and harass the entire piece into submission allowing those stunning vocalisations to hold court thus stirring up audible manifestations of those 60’s psych-pop pioneers The Byrds, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground & Crazy Horse. ‘Dream Landscape’ is a truly magnificent track..." (single premiere)

THE BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE: "...this band is among the ‘new genre’ of power pop classics. Drawing inspiration from 1960s British and American rock music, this four-piece of seasoned musicians have concocted 12 tracks of fine songcraft with solid a performance from start to finish....[‘Say Can You’] summons all the warm-fuzzy and excited feelings in relation to 20-something head-over-heels music relationships, like when first hearing the Teenage Fanclub classic ‘Bandwagonesque’ and Evan Dando’s masterpiece ‘It’s a Shame About Ray.’" (video premiere)

DISTORSIONI: "With the traditional power pop of the '80s / 90s, the band adds a very special touch of psychedelia and acoustic folk sounds: a heterogeneous, complex and decently pleasing work... For all twelve tracks on the record, the Divisionists manage to masterfully master all their various influences." (trans. from the Italian)

SYSTEM FAILURE, who also named Divisionists in their TOP TENS BANDS FOR JANUARY 2017: "Just as bewitching as incredibly radiant. Divisionists' music is for dreamers, idealists, and those who hope for a better world! They impress the listener with sounds like a sweet and velvety caress... a wild and impetuous cry against a world gone bad.. an exhortation to dream, to live intensely, to travel with mind and body.." (trans. from the Italian)

THE RECORD STACHE: "...massive similarity to Bandwagonesque-era Teenage Fanclub... ['Say Can You'] is an invigorating melodic, irredeemably catchy song that boasts polished production and resplendent harmonies." (single premiere)

SNOOZECONTROL: "[Divisionists] do not use their experience within the scene to complete a routine task, but to scan their own boundaries and actually do something new. That alone, draws us completely over. Songs like ‘All Fall Down’, ‘We Must Be Careful’ and ‘Freedom’ are food for foodies who love to experiment with different styles, and are not afraid to explore the limits of each of them. The result is a record that will stun and drift the listener into another world." (trans. from the Flemish)

JAMMERZINE: "‘Say Can You’ harks back to the era of MTV’s “120 Minutes” with the catchyness of that time, coupled with the feel-good sonic guitar assault of the rock modern classic... By combining alternative groovyness with pop-culture sensibility, Divisionists present a glimpse of the future to come... And that future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades."

MYTACISM MUSIC (Song of the Day): "‘There was always something’ about [‘Say Can You’] that would catch your ears. Divisionists have pretty much nailed an enchanting grunge psych sound that will leave ‘Say Can You’ etched in your mind."

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released March 17, 2017

For 8 weeks, 'Say Can You' was in the TOP 20 songs on Zone Radio's TOP 40, and was featured repeatedly on TOP 10 and Top 20 Lists for the 365 Rock Radio Network. We have had repeated international airplay from radio stations in Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and coast-to-coast across the USA, plus on more highly-ranked Internet radio stations that we can count.


Divisionists are:
Brendan Quinn: lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano, organ

Mark Bennett: guitars, synths, backing vocals

Mike Whitaker: bass, piano, backing vocals

Rob McGregor: drums, percussion

Additional performers:
Brian Idd: Saxophone on All Fall Down

Gwen Knighton: Backing vocals on Colours (Song for a Spaceman) and We Must Be Careful

Lisa Makros: Backing vocals on Freedom

Recorded at Perry Vale Studios, The Mill House, and Haiku Sound
Mixed at Haiku Sound
Produced by: Brendan Quinn
Tracking engineer: Pat Collier
Mastered by: Don Grossinger
Cover photo by: Echo Kirk
Band photos by: Ian Falconer
Additional thanks to: Graham and Peter Thewlis

Also available on major distribution through iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, and many others!




Divisionists UK

Hello from London! Our music embraces psych rock, power pop, and reimagined traditional folk ballads, all with a loud and memorable rock influence.

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